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Scientific Communications and Advising for Biotech, Biopharma, and Medtech
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We Believe

it is fundamental for scientific innovations to impact human health in a deep and positive way.

We pursue This Ideal

by providing direct support to the three main pillars of innovation which are Companies, Investors, and Scientific Talent.

For These Three Pillars

we provide expert advising and writing services, resulting in clear communications, impactful investments, and better careers.

Our Services


For biotech, biopharma, and medtech companies, we provide clear scientific communications through audit-proof documentation, written proposals, and social media services.


For early-stage investors with a Life Science portfolio, we provide technical due diligence in the therapeutic areas of immunology, oncology, infectious disease. We specialize in antibodies, protein, and small molecule therapies

Scientific Talent

For Life Science PhDs, we provide one-on-one advising to provide mentorship on job types, resume writing, interviewing, benefits, and networking. Our packages are premium services custom tailored to each client's individual needs.

About Us

Dr. Ali Divan is the founder of Trulitica and has spent over a decade making significant contributions within the Life Sciences field.

In his graduate and postdoctoral roles, he elucidated novel mechanisms of pathogenesis within animal models of neurologic Lyme Disease, resulting in an invitation to present his findings at the Center for Disease Control.

He also completed a second postdoctoral fellowship in medicinal chemistry where he identified unique small molecule therapies for the treatment of castration resistant metastatic prostate cancer.

Within the biotechnology industry, he has served in Quality, Technology Transfer, R&D and management roles all of which operated within the ISO 13485 medical device standard.

His main areas of industrial contribution have been flow cytometry, multiplex bead-based assays, clinical chemistry, single cell sequencing reagents, and tissue handling methods for spatial imaging.

He has mentored several Life Science PhDs towards successful industrial careers, and has been featured on the When Science Speaks podcast, highlighting his contributions to the field.

Dr. Divan holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry from California State University, Chico, and a Ph.D. in Medical Sciences from Texas A&M University.